The Callejas

Window Replacement and Renovation in Conifer

For the past 20 years, Joe has trusted us to work on both his business and home windows.

Image of home in Conifer, Colorado before we replaced their windows
Original windows, before we replaced them with the windows above

On this home window replacement project, his goals were to let in more natural light and have a better view of Mount Evans.

So, we designed and built custom windows that matched the peak angle of his roof. Within the house, this provides the illusion of taller vaulted ceilings, and a unique viewing experience. It also allows more daylight into their family room without being overpowering.

We also made the entire window area much wider to provide better airflow, additional natural lighting, and a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains from any direction in their family room.

They stand behind their work and their products. I would highly recommend them.

~Joe C.

Window Installation for High Altitudes

In Colorado, proper window installation requires knowledge of how our unique climate affects your windows at different altitudes. Get it installed right the first time. Call us today.

The Yates

UV Protection in Breckenridge

We used a light grey low-E glass in Breckenridge to help with the strong UV and improve the view.

Image of inside the home with custom shaped windows
Beautiful mountain view from inside the home

The Millers

Window Replacement in Arvada

The Millers were trying to sell their house but had 8 foggy windows that were causing hesitation for buyers and reducing the value of the home. We came out for a free estimate and they decided to use us to replace the glass. This made the rooms feel bigger, increased home value, reduced buyer hesitation, and ultimately helped sell the house!

Helping Realtors Sell Homes

For years, we’ve provided Arvada replacement windows for realtors helping home owners sell their homes, just like we did for The Miller’s. If you’re looking to sell a client’s home, check out our information for realtors and let us know how we can help you!

The Armstrongs

Window Replacement in Roxborough Park

Mountain home window replacement
We replaced the windows on this beautiful mountain home.

Four other companies came in and told the Armstrongs it would be impossible to change the glass. This was because the way the window is designed and put together in the factory makes it very difficult to reglaze, but not impossible.

The client lived with dirty windows for a couple of years because they thought they couldn’t get it replaced. Luckily, they saw one of our advertisements and called us!

Even though Tthe windows in this house were very difficult to do and took extra time, the end product was great for the customer. They are able to enjoy the view again!

We are very happy with the results and can see through the windows again. Thanks to the guys at S.R. Window!

~The Armstrongs

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After doing over 35,000 units of glass, there is virtually no window we can’t replace. It’s great to leave a house with clear windows. Contact us today!