Featured Home: The Millers

Miller home

Window Replacement in Arvada

The Millers were trying to sell their house but had 8 foggy windows that were causing hesitation for buyers and reducing the value of the home. We came out for a free estimate and they decided to use us to replace the glass. This made the rooms feel bigger, increased home value, reduced buyer hesitation, and ultimately helped sell the house!

Helping Realtors Sell Homes

For years, we’ve provided Arvada replacement windows for realtors helping home owners sell their homes, just like we did for The Miller’s. If you’re looking to sell a client’s home, check out our information for realtors and let us know how we can help you!

We were selling our house and had 8 fogged windows. We used S.R. Window & Glass to replace the glass. This made the rooms feel bigger and help sell the house. No hassle just clean glass!

The Millers
Arvada, Colorado