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Window Replacement in Roxborough Park

Mountain home window replacement
We replaced the windows on this beautiful mountain home.

Four other companies came in and told the Armstrongs it would be impossible to change the glass. This was because the way the window is designed and put together in the factory makes it very difficult to reglaze, but not impossible.

The client lived with dirty windows for a couple of years because they thought they couldn’t get it replaced. Luckily, they saw one of our advertisements and called us!

Even though Tthe windows in this house were very difficult to do and took extra time, the end product was great for the customer. They are able to enjoy the view again!

We are very happy with the results and can see through the windows again. Thanks to the guys at S.R. Window!

~The Armstrongs

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After doing over 35,000 units of glass, there is virtually no window we can’t replace. It’s great to leave a house with clear windows. Contact us today!

We had 4 different glass companies come out to fix our windows. They all said that it was not possible to replace the glass only and then they would try to sell us all new windows. We received an advertisement from S.R. Window and Steve came out to look at them. Although not easy, they were able to replace the thermo-pane glass at a fraction of replacement windows. We are very happy.

B. Armstrong
Roxborough Park, Colorado