Foggy Window Repair

Foggy window repair that’s specific to Colorado’s Elevation and Climate

Why thermo-pane glass fails

Before and after our foggy windows repair service
Before (right) and after our foggy window repair

In Colorado, we have many elements that attack and decrease the life of a double-pane window. Sunshine is the biggest cause of window failure, which is why your south and west facing window usually fail first. Sunshine causes a process know as “Solar Pumping” which makes the glass contract and expand breaking the seal. Sunshine also causes hardening of the sealant and makes the glass fail (UV exposure) closer to sun!

Your glass is not made at this elevation, most thermo-pane glass comes from out of state (lower elevation) so there is consent expansion on the seals from the second it is trucked into Colorado. It’s like taking a bag of potato chips over Vail pass they sometimes pop. In addition: Warm days and cold nights will cause contraction and expansion, wet days, dry days, water can lay near the seal and cause failure. Improper installation (proper installation is a must for insulated glass to last).

Why you should get foggy window repair

Foggy windows can be a problem because they can cause your home to become less energy efficient.

Quality insulated units can help to maintain the balance of the indoor climate. For example, in the winter insulated units can help to reduce the cold transmittance at the windows. They can also help to decrease heat gain from outside, the result is that your home’s air conditioner and heating systems should run less and you will save energy cost.

We can also add Low-E glass and argon gas to further your energy efficiency.

Special Discount For Our Colorado Customers

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